2 Minute Read – Cups

I have a cup. Of course I have lots of cups. Most of us have lots of cups. We all get thirsty and need cups.

Our cups satisfy our need and desire to drink. Any of my cups is good at satisfying my need to drink. But drinking does not make me love my favorite cup over all the other cups in my cupboard.

Actually, I have a few favorite cups. The cut wine glasses only get used at holidays. Even though I have used these glasses only a dozen times, I can remember most of those moments.

I have a favorite commuter tumbler. It does not leak and keeps my coffee hot for a few hours. I have a few of the same tumbler, but the one that I like has an image of a palm tree and it reminds me of Charleston.

My favorite cup, however, is not particularly rich in features. It holds my coffee on weekends. It is heavy ceramic and my coffee gets cold quickly in it. However, it has a message imprinted on the side. I like the message. It is the message that makes it my favorite cup.