2 Minute Reads – “The bitterness of poor quality lingers long after the sweetness of low price” – Benjamin Franklin

As consumers, and we are all consumers, we face this conundrum daily as we make choices with our purchases. It is the conundrum of budget, wants, and needs. And when we find a solution without significant compromise (ideal purchases)- oh the joy!

In marketing, we face the same puzzler. Our marketing may be for our company, organization, event, or maybe just our person, but we are all marketers.

Poor quality marketing is a double hit because it forever reflects the brand or message with which we are trying to communicate. Often one sees low price marketing to reach a broad audience. Think “Spray and Pray”. Less expense per “unit of marketing” may allow a broader reach, but it often fails to meet the marketing objectives. If the recipient of your marketing is not interested in your message or they are irrelevant to your objective, then the expense is wasted.

Good quality targeted branding/messaging is often the better option. Engagement, a personal connection, and brand interest should be the backdrop of your marketing. Folks want to be part of the brands in which they associate, and you want to associate with these folks. Consider reducing the quantity of your marketing and focusing on the quality to a more niche target.